Made a new game, not really working on Newgrounds

2017-06-02 05:05:36 by Deklaration

This is my longest project yet. My new game Trauma is finally done! 

But, there's an issue. When uploading the game to Newgrounds, it runs very slow and some of the text is invisible!

Trying to get this to work, because I'm very satisfied with this game and I would love for you to play it. But I may have to find some other way to distribute it. 


In the meanwhile, you followers can download and play the game following this link. It only works on Windows at the moment, but if some of you uses OSX or Linux, I'll try to fix it. Just send me a comment about it. 

Hopefully the game will be released here in about a week or so, if i can optimize it better for HTML5.


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