Trauma is up!

2017-06-12 16:16:10 by Deklaration

Woho! Finally, after six months of work - Trauma is finally done! A rouge-like game, so don't be afraid to die. You'll buy upgrades that you'll keep when you start a new game. For every life, you'll get closer to the boss and to the answer to what happened to you. 


The game suffers from low fps at times, but it works a lot better when playing on your desktop. Please download the game here: if you'd like to have a better experience. Now, to the next project! Any suggestions? Leave a comment below!



This is my longest project yet. My new game Trauma is finally done! 

But, there's an issue. When uploading the game to Newgrounds, it runs very slow and some of the text is invisible!

Trying to get this to work, because I'm very satisfied with this game and I would love for you to play it. But I may have to find some other way to distribute it. 


In the meanwhile, you followers can download and play the game following this link. It only works on Windows at the moment, but if some of you uses OSX or Linux, I'll try to fix it. Just send me a comment about it. 

Hopefully the game will be released here in about a week or so, if i can optimize it better for HTML5.

Devlog at a blog

2016-11-13 18:33:04 by Deklaration

Hey all you monster lovers!

I've created a blog about my games! You can follow my devlog updates for my upcoming game Trashenstein that will be released in about five weeks. 

Check out if you are interested!

Made the Front Page!

2016-09-06 12:47:20 by Deklaration

The Hero of Rhyme made the front page! As soon as I noticed it, I went off to show my girlfriend. And it was gone.

Never have I seen a game pop off the front page that fast before! Pretty amazing!


Glad to have few fans on my page. I guess you are interested in something similar to "The Hero of Rhyme" that became more sucessful than I had imagine it to be. The voters gave it a low score, but all you reviewers out there just fed it a bunch of five stars! That's actually so amazing that it earned me the medal of "underdog of the week". I wear it proudly. 


A lot of people want a new rapping game, and it's on it's way! Just have a bit of patience, because coming up with about a million rhymes takes a while. "Super Rhyme Bros" will be out in a short while. Please give me a comment if you'you want it to be a bit longer than the previous one, or if you liked how short it was.

But today I released a new game! Well, not tecnically new. It's called "Does Hot Snow Fall Up?" and I created it for a contest back in 2013. The theme was christmas and I only had a month to make the game. I've been working on it a few days now to be able to port it to html5 and Newgrounds, so hopefully you'll like it even though it's not really in season. 

Stick around for "Super Rhyme Bros"!